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Detection of malfunctions

Precise identification of a fault location within the switchgear system provides a number of crucial advantages.

For the operations management of the switchgear system

This allows for rapid and well-targeted reactivation of the affected plant section. It also allows for immediate reconnection of the non-affected plant sections - without any risk whatsoever.
As a result, any interruptions of operation are limited to a bare minimum while the switchgear system achieves a higher level of availability.

For high-voltage testing of the switchgear system on site

Because the quick and phase-accurate identification of fault locations results in reduced testing and repair times, especially for switchboard sections with pipe exits.

For the single-pole gas-insulated switchgear system in compensated systems

Here, an accidental arc (internal arc) is limited to an earth-fault arc. This earth-fault arc is identified by the system with precise gas-compartment localization. In combination with earth-fault arc identification, this allows dead-on-target reactivation of e.g. the earth-fault arc.

For the three-pole switchgear system in compensated systems

Immediate identification and deactivation of a single-pole earth-fault arc e.g. in an three-pole air-insulated switchgear system ensures prevention of a two-pole or three-pole short circuit.
This translates into a significant increase in personal safety (protection of life and health) while reducing the effects of the damage in the switchgear system.

Where to use the system:
  • in attended or remote-controlled switchgear systems
  • in single-pole or three-pole enclosed switchgear systems
  • in substations with solidly earthed or compensated neutral earthing
  • in new substations or for retrofitting existing substations
  • in air or gas-insulated switchgear systems
  • in medium voltage and high voltage systems