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Optical Partial Discharge System (OTEM)

using opto-electronic sensors provide information on the condition of your gas-insulated switchgear system.

Function Principle

The detection of partial discharges at an early stage is an important part of the monitoring of gas-insulated switchgear systems in order to prevent failures caused by these systems.

An optical sensor may detect the light produced by an optical partial discharge in a gas-insulated switchgear system. The light pulse is analyzed and evaluated by an electronic circuit. The light pulse is then displayed by a type of "finger print". Depending on the type of the finger print, it is possible to distinguish among various different types of optical partial discharges.


The OTEM's connection is easily established via the light sensors already used for arc detection. This provides the user with 25 years of experience in light sensor technology. Since the light sensor functions as a passive element, it is immune to electromagnetic interferences (EMC).

The OTE system offers the following advantages:
  1. extremely resistant to external sources of interferences:
    e.g. radio/-tv-frequencies, UHF signals, cellular mobile telephony, air traffic, general electrical disturbing sources, general mechanical disturbing sources, etc.
  2. easy localization of the partial discharge sources (selective locating):
    Information per gas compartment if a light sensor or sight glass is available
  3. specially designed for use with gas-insulated switchgear systems and high-voltage test bays
  4. Easy application:
    Just fix modul to the light sensor. Switching in busbar or feeder is not necessary.