Individual solutions for high and medium voltage systems

VOGL Electronic offers versatile solutions for the protection of customer systems and for the early detection of faulty components. These solutions can always be adapted to the customer's requirements.

All systems manufactured by VOGL Electronic can be used for any kind of high-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear - regardless of the equipment manufacturer. In addition, VOGL Electronic's systems can be used in both AC and DC switchgear as well as in critical situations, such as the high-voltage test.

The systems can be installed directly in new equipment or retrofitted to existing equipment.

High-voltage switch gear - for a safe power supply

Simple construction and specially designed models make it possible to connect the light sensor as a passive element to any gas compartment of various switchgear manufacturers. The light sensors picks up the light phenomena occurring inside a switchgear. These optical signals are then forwarded to the electronics, where they are evaluated and further processed.

The simple installation of the light sensors also allows for easy retrofitting in existing systems. The light sensors are available both as a basic version and as a T-piece version with an additional gas connection.

The information from the optoelectronic arc detection system and the optical partial discharge monitoring system can be easily integrated into the SCADA system and thus provide valuable information about the condition of the customer's switchgear.

Reliable arc detection
Reliable monitoring of partial discharges

Transformers – for a safe power supply

Transformers are indispensable assets when it comes to power supply, transmitting electrical energy in an efficient manner. To ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, it is crucial to continuously monitor transformers and detect potential problems at an early stage.

An innovative method for monitoring partial discharges in transformers is optical PD monitoring. For this, light sensors are installed on the transformer, which detect the optical PD signals from inside the transformer and transmit them to the OTEM sensors. Advantages of this technology are, for instance, its high measuring sensitivity enabling even the smallest PD signals to be reliably detected, as well as its complete immunity against electromagnetic interference.

OTEM for transformers
Optical PD monitoring in perfection
OTEM for transformers
field-proven and reliable

Medium-voltage switch gear - for a safe power supply

The systems from VOGL Electronic have also proven themselves in medium-voltage applications and have demonstrated their reliability on several occasions.

Light sensors record the light phenomena occurring inside a switchgear and transmit these via the connected fibre optic cables to the electronic unit where they are evaluated and processed.

Compared to conventional protection systems, the systems from VOGL Electronic can significantly minimise the damage and its negative effects on the equipment. The switchgear can be put back into operation very quickly and thus achieve an increased availability.

Of course, existing medium-voltage switchgear can also be retrofitted without any problems.

Reliable arc detection
Detection of earth faults and phase faults