The light sensor - our base module enabling the optical monitoring of your switchgear

Modular design of optical monitoring for high-voltage switchgear

The centerpiece of all our optical systems in the field of gas-insulated switchgear is the light sensor, which allows a direct view into the GIS. It can be taken into account cost-effectively in the planning phase and is compatible with both systems - arc detection and optical partial discharge monitoring.

With the light sensor installed, both the OTEM and LiBo systems can be cost-effectively retrofitted to your switchgear at a later stage. The ability to carry out mobile testing is ensured by the installed light sensor. This allows the optical systems to be connected to the light sensors at any time in the event of PD anomalies, cyclical maintenance, soak tests or high voltage tests.

For equipment that is not yet equipped with light sensors, it is possible to retrofit these in the course of a system overhaul. However, it is recommended to consider the light sensors already in the planning phase in order to avoid work on the GIS during operation.

Use case:
  • Base module compatible with all manufacturers
  • Cost-effective basis for later upgrades
Light Sensor (bottom) installed on gas-insulated switchgear

Installing a light sensor allows you to monitor the GIS

Installation of the light sensor on a SF-6 insulated switchgear

The light sensor as the basis for the LiBo system


Conclusion: A light sensor should be part of every GIS, because it allows you to "look inside" the switchgear whenever neccessary.

Features of the light sensor
  Compatible with all manufacturer-specific flanges
  Cost-efficient and flexible solution both in the planning stage and as part of a retrofit
  Savings in testing and repair times due to exact localization of the fault when used together with the OTEM/LiBo system
  Other systems (LiBo, OTEM) can be retrofitted at any time and are guaranteed to be compatible
  Extremely long service life (equal to GIS lifetime) due to high manufacturing quality – no replacement / repair necessary
  Extensive experience (over 35 years) and collaborations with all GIS manufacturers
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