The light sensor - our base module enabling the optical monitoring of your transformer

Modular design of the optical monitoring system for transformers

The centerpiece of our optical PD system in the field of transformers is the light sensor, which gives a direct insight into the transformer.

The task of the light sensor is to reliably detect the optical signals generated inside the transformer by partial discharges or arcs and to provide a connection for the evaluation electronics (OTEM). The light sensor is designed to reliably detect even the slightest optical signals, even without directly observing the fault.

We recommend that the light sensor be considered during the planning phase to avoid retrofitting while the transformer is in operation.

For already existing transformers, there is nonetheless the possibility of retrofitting light sensors during the course of a maintenance or a system overhaul.

If the light sensor is installed, the OTEM system can be retrofitted at any time (e.g. as an online monitoring system, for a temporary check for PD as well as during high-voltage or SOAK tests)


Use case:
  • Base module compatible with all manufacturers
  • Cost-effective basis for later upgrades
Light sensor installed on a transformer

The light sensor combined with an electronics unit enables you to monitor your transformer without interruption

Features of the light sensor
  Cost-efficient and flexible solution both in the planning stage and in the context of retrofitting
  Savings in testing and repair times due to exact localization of the fault location in combination with the OTEM system
  OTEM retrofittable at any time with guaranteed compatibility
  Immunity to electromagnetic interference
  High sensitivity (detects even the smallest partial discharges or arcs)
  Extremely robust and durable (no replacement/maintenance required throughout the entire lifespan of the transformer)
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