Imprint & Privacy Policy

Imprint & Privacy Policy

Art. 1 - Responsible (legal) person for this online presence:

Vogl electronic GmbH
Pieringer Stadtweg 1
94330 Salching
Managing director: Maximilian Vogl
Prokurist: Timo Karsten
VAT ID Nr.: DE131452445

+49 (0) 9421 55 150

Authorised representative within the meaning of § 55 II RStV is Maximilian Vogl, the address corresponds to that previously mentioned under Art. 1.

Art. 2 - Data protection

First of all: This online presence has been implemented completely cookie-free. We do not collect any data other than that which is absolutely necessary from a technical point of view.

1)What data is "technically absolutely necessary"?

  • Your IP address
  • The date or time of the retrieval
  • .
  • the retrieved address (URL)
  • the browser used

2) Why is this data necessary and how is it processed?

The aforementioned data are necessary because otherwise it would not be technically possible to deliver the website and display it in your browser. This is therefore a legitimate interest, cf. Art. 6 I lit. f DS-GVO.
The transmission of all data and content is encrypted (via SSL) so that third parties cannot view the data traffic. The data mentioned under 1) are automatically deleted after delivery of the page.

3) Who is responsible for the collection of data?

The company responsible for data collection/processing is Vogl Electronic GmbH, whose address can be found under Art. 1.

4) Whom can I contact if I have questions regarding data protection?

You have the right to request information about, transfer of, deletion of and/or correction of the stored data at any time.
The quickest way to make your request heard is to write an email to our technical service provider at . Alternatively, you can use one of the contact methods mentioned under Art. 1.


Art. 3 - Liability for content, copyright & technical problems

1) Liability for content

We always endeavour to offer the best possible researched content. If you consider any content to be illegal, please inform us as soon as possible at . In this case, we will immediately review your request and take appropriate action.

2) Copyright & Technical Issues

It goes without saying that the content provided on the online presence is subject to copyright. Any use of the content whatsoever is not permitted without our written permission.

Should you experience any technical problems while visiting our website, please let us know at .