Commissioning, optical partial discharge diagnosis and training sessions tailored to gas-insulated high voltage switchgear

Your advantage: Our expertise in the field of high-voltage technology

With many years of practical experience in the field of high-voltage engineering, we can offer a comprehensive range of customized services related to gas-insulated switchgear.

Depending on the task at hand, a team of experienced engineers will provide you with advice on all aspects of diagnosing and monitoring gas-insulated switchgear.

If required, we will gladly train your employees in the use of our products so that they can react quickly and correctly in the event of an incident.

Technicians commission a GIS system

Optical partial discharge diagnosis for switchgear

Engineers check the condition of a switchgear
The professional inspection of a GIS for partial discharges should be an elementary part of regular maintenance. If partial discharges are detected at an early stage, costly repairs or the failure of the system can be reliably prevented. The service life of the system also benefits from regular testing.

For this purpose, we have mobile testing equipment with the help of which we can measure and record the condition of your system in detail during an on-site inspection.

Depending on the type of system and the specific scenario, we use optical (OTEM) or electromagnetic (UHF) measuring systems, ensuring a precise diagnosis in every situation.

Commissioning of optical and optoelectronic systems

If desired, we will carry out the commissioning of all our high- and medium-voltage products - hassle-free and safely.

You can always rely on our experienced engineers to maintain the highest quality and safety standards. Thanks to special tools and decades of experience, you can rest assured that your system will operate flawlessly as soon as installation is complete.

At the end of each installation, you receive an evaluation of the final tests as well as handover and commissioning reports.

Services in the field of high-voltage engineering

Workshops/course offers in the field of high voltage technology

Our training center in Salching, Germany
The safety and reliability of your switchgear is our top priority. Therefore, as an additional service, we offer training in the safe handling of our products during commissioning and maintenance.

The training courses can be held either at our company location in Salching (Germany) or on site. The training program can be adapted to your needs, but usually includes the following topics as a minimum:

  • General scheme / function of the system
  • Components of the arc fault detection system
  • Components of the optical PD monitoring system
  • Commissioning of the system
  • Maintenance of the system

After successful participation in our training, your employees will receive a corresponding certificate. As a result, regular maintenance work can be carried out without the assistance of external specialist personnel.